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I see that Adobe AIR uses WebKit as its render and I see that WebKit (at least the most current build) has some SVG support. Does this mean (and has anyone specifically tried) that an Adobe AIR application could render SVG on an HTML page?

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read that HTML page, parse SVG element, render it with Degrapha (a declarative open source graphics framework) that supports SVG (example vith source) – Rella Oct 28 '09 at 15:16

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On the offchance that it's helpful (and that you don't already know), Flex can embed SVG at runtime compile time, which effectively converts it to SWF format and embeds it as a resource.

public var SvgAsset:Class;

More info at Adobe's embedding assets article.

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you mean that it can embed SVG at compile time. – Daniel Cassidy May 12 '10 at 12:57
Thanks Daniel, correction digested. – aaaidan May 13 '10 at 9:29

If ActionScript 2: use the com.itechnica.svg (PathToArray) library to load SVGs at SWF runtime and display them (uses XML for SVG parsing):

Using SVG Path Data in Flash, Download button on the right pane.

If ActionScript 3: use the com.zavoo.svg (SvgPath) library to load SVGs at SWF runtime and display them (uses RegExp for SVG parsing):

Source code for SvgLoad and SvgDraw, Download button on the bottom-left.

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No, according to the Adobe AIR Developer Center article What's new about HTML, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript in AIR 2.5?.


Another feature that has received a great deal of interest lately is support for SVG. While present in WebKit, the current version of Adobe AIR does not support SVG.

The main reason for not including it was runtime size concerns (adding it would have increased the runtime size by 15 to 20 percent). Initially, the main pain-points regarding AIR were the size of the runtime, integration with the operating system and native APIs, support for the tag and new CSS properties, and JavaScript performance. These priorities, coupled with a trend toward reduced interest in SVG graphics, led to SVG support not being included in the current version of Adobe AIR.

However, the renewed interest in rich JavaScript applications powered by HTML5 canvas and faster JavaScript engines increased the number of requests for scriptable vector graphics via SVG. Thus, adding support for SVG graphics may be considered for the next version of AIR.

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Adobe AIR can only support SVG once Adobe updates their version of WebKit (AIR's HTML rendering engine) and enables the SVG support within their version of WebKit. Might be a business decision not to (ie Flash).

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