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Here is my current settings for output :


But for some reason I do not want (MSVS) put out files to bin/Release or Debug folders in my bin folder. Can I realize it using CMake somehow?

thank you

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A similar question was asked a few months ago, where I advised the use of target properties and also referred to another answer. For MSVC you can completely specify the locations of executables, libraries, archives, etc. on a per-configuration basis.

E.g. using something like:

if ( MSVC )
    set_target_properties( ${targetname} PROPERTIES LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY ${youroutputdirectory} )
    set_target_properties( ${targetname} PROPERTIES LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_DEBUG ${youroutputdirectory} )
    set_target_properties( ${targetname} PROPERTIES LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_RELEASE ${youroutputdirectory} )
    # etc for the other available configuration types (MinSizeRel, RelWithDebInfo)
endif ( MSVC )

which will put all your libraries in a single output-directory ${youroutputdirectory}, whether it is in Debug or Release config.

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