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I am trying to get results from mongodb using nodejs/mongoose.

var dateStr = new Date(year,month,day,0,0,0);
var nextDate = new Date(year,month,day,23,59,59);

GPSData.find({"createdAt" : { $gte : new ISODate(dateStr), $lte:  new ISODate(nextDate) }}, function(err, data) {

Error: ISODate is not defined

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Note that ISODate is a part of MongoDB and is not available in your case. You should be using Date instead and the MongoDB drivers(e.g. the Mongoose ORM that you are currently using) will take care of the type conversion between Date and ISODate behind the scene.

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It doesn't though. It creates a string. –  Evan Zamir Jun 15 '13 at 17:44
The answer is correct. More detailed answer containing an example: stackoverflow.com/a/21286896/275183 –  h-kippo Feb 27 at 13:46

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