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I need to define something similar to this regex:

[0-9]{1, 5}

On a PrimeFaces <inputMask> element:

<p:inputMask mask="regexGoesHere" value="#{someBean.val}"/>

I looked at the PrimeFaces showcase, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

So does anyone know how to do it in any way besides JavaScript ?

I'm not exactly looking for a solution with <inputMask> anything that would restrict me from typing letters in the input on the client side is OK.


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The following Masked Input Plugin is the original jquery plugin that is being used by Primefaces , you can find much more information about its usage, also there are several p:input-mask code example in this PDF PrimeFaces: More Input Elements look at page 24

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If you want or need to limit the length too, you could do something like this:

   placeHolder=" "/>

where the user can only enter 1 to 5 digits, or the following for four digits and so on

   placeHolder=" "/>

Note: From Primefaces 5.1 onwards use 'slotChar' instead of 'placeHolder'. Issue 7324

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+1 Excellent! How/Where did you even find this information? –  PhantomReference Nov 4 at 19:32

KeyFilter from PrimeFaces Extensions looks exactly as something you need: http://fractalsoft.net/primeext-showcase-mojarra/views/keyFilter.jsf

According to documentation and example, it is driven by regexp, and functions exactly as it should: blocking the ability to type something not passing to the regexp.

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You could use a validator. Or the validaterange and define a minimum and maximum.

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validaterange is an attribute or an element or what ? If by validator you mean server side validation I already use the hibernate validator through the javax.validate annotations, but I want to restrict the user to pressing only number keys on the clinet. –  Simeon Jan 13 '12 at 10:09
<h:inputText id="kms" value="#{bean.kms}"> <f:validateDoubleRange minimum="#{bean.distanceMinValue}" maximum="#{bean.distanceMaxValue}"/> –  roel Jan 13 '12 at 10:31

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