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If I tab through my form there is the nickname-field with a onBlur="validate();". While tabbing to the next input there should be a validation of the nickname and if fails a proposol appears.

Works fine in all browsers but IE8. I only call jQuery.get, split the data and slideDown the proposals.

jQuery.get(requestMappingLoginCheck, map, function(data) { 
    var splitted = data.split(";");             
    jQuery.each(splitted, function(index,value) {
        proposals += '<span style="display:block;"><input type="radio" name="loginproposals" value="' + value + '" id="proposal_' + index + '" onclick="changeLoginField(this);"><label for="proposal_' + index + '" class="proposal"> ' + value + '</label></span><br/>';          

Does someone get the same problem and maybe knows how to fix it?

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Solution wasn't the ajax function, it was a conflict with multiply event inside the next input tag. –  Nils Feb 22 '12 at 15:28

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It's hard to tell without seeing the whole code but I guess you are validating on submit. Did you make sure to use the following code if the validation fails?

return false;
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