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I would like to add some arrows to a 3D surface plot to indicate important directions, similar to this one (from povray)

Different colors would be great and a threedimensional letter like the X in the image even more.

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The function 3D arrow plot at the MATLAB file exchange actually does this:

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I used something similar to your approach thta could be a start for you: here is an example of the code:

q=[0 1 0 1]; q=qnorm(q); x = q(1) / sqrt(1-q(4)*q(4))

x =


y = q(2) / sqrt(1-q(4)*q(4))

y =


z = q(3) / sqrt(1-q(4)*q(4))

z =


quiver3(0, 0, 0, x, y, z)

It is a quaternion that I normalize and convert to axis components in order to draw it 3D. I also would like to be able to draw it 3D like the picture you posted.

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Thanks, the quiver3 arrows are a start. Meanwhile I found a function at the MATLAB file exchange –  Tobias Kienzler Jan 13 '12 at 10:52

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