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To elaborate : I have a tileset with 4 tiles [32 x 32]. For sake of the example let's call them Dirt, Grass, Asphalt, Cement.
I want to draw a relatively long surface of Grass [96 x 32]. Is there any way to use the tiling mechanism of XNA (LinearWarp) to draw them using single Draw() call ?

I tried:

spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode.Deferred, BlendState.AlphaBlend, SamplerState.LinearWrap,null,null);
GraphicsDevice.SamplerStates[0] = SamplerState.LinearWrap;
spriteBatch.Draw(_tileSetTexture /* 64 x 64 */, destRectangle/* 96 x 32*/, TileFrame /*32 x 32*/, Color.White, 0f , Vector2.Zero ,SpriteEffects.None, 0f);

I know that there's the option of cropping every tile to a separate Texture2D and later use the "extension" of the source rectangle for the XNA LinearWrap to fill, but I need them all to be in one big TileSet image, and perform it as simple as possible.

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There's no way to do this, but the good news is that there's also no reason to do this. The performance benefit would almost certainly be completely negligible. Remember that a SpriteBatch.Draw() call isn't really drawing anything; it's adding sprite information onto the end of a buffer, and that entire buffer is drawn all at once when you call SpriteBatch.End().

You can cover the entire screen with tiles several times over using only a handful of sprite batches, which isn't going to come anywhere near the batch limit on a modern video card.

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The reason I want to do this is because i use rotation. I draw one long rectangle of the surface, and then rotate just the one. If I use multiple Draw() calls I need to (re)calculate the start point of each segment. – CodinRonin Jan 13 '12 at 15:19
It sounds like what you're trying to do is beyond the scope of the functionality provided by SpriteBatch. Why do you need your images to be on a single texture? – Cole Campbell Jan 13 '12 at 22:23

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