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I created one view called myview.php in my modul(Named adminpanel) path(adminpanel\views\myview.php) in that I use following code but Assets are not load

        use Fuel\Core\Asset;
        use Fuel\Core\Session;  

<head><title>Admin Panel</title>

    <?php Asset::js(array('jquery.js','test.js'));?>


    <?php  echo Session::get('my');?>

<input type="button" value="Call Designer Controller" >

here test.js and jquery.js are not work properly and I donot get any error in my browser

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What is the output generated? You say you don't get an error and they don't work properly but there's a few ways this can go wrong, incorrect paths being one of them, nothing being generated being another. When you ask a question provide the info others need to help you: what's the expected output and what is the output you got? – Jelmer Schreuder Jan 13 '12 at 13:08
Are jquery.js and test.js inside the correct folders? Eg public folder /assets/js and I can't check now: but you might need to print Asset – Good-bye Jan 18 '12 at 20:46

Asset::js() returns the HTML required to load the assets as a string. If you don't ECHO it, nothing will happen.

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