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I am not able to call manager.find(entity) method with an entity containing a type that is a byte[] and has a lenght greater than a tinyblob. If i define my entity variable like this:

private byte[] data;

or like this:

private byte[] data;

I dont' have any problems, but hibernate set the type of the column as tinyblob, too small for my purposes.

So if i try to Increase the dimension in this way:

private byte[] data;

or even in this way:

private byte[] data;

i get this exception org.hibernate.mappingexception: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: -4. I tried to set various dialects in my persistence.xml but i get always the same problem :( The exception is thrown at runtime when i call manager.find method, when i start the server the column is a BLOB/MEDIUMBLOB/LONGBLOB as it was supposed to be

Thank you!

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Found the bug, the exception was thrown before the method manager.find, during the calling of createNativeQuery. i had to add addScalar("data", Hibernate.BLOB)

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