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Can someone please tell me how to add "top" attribute to the second "canvas" tag which is without id in div and which will work for IE using jquery or anything else. Following is the HTML snippet.

<div id="jqChart" class="ui-jqchart" style="height: 300px;">
<canvas width="841" height="300" style="position: relative;"></canvas>
<canvas width="794" height="222" style="position: relative; left: 37px; top: 42px;">        </canvas>
<div class="ui-jqchart-tooltip" style="position: absolute; display: none;"></div>
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$("#jqChart > canvas:nth-child(2)").attr('top', 'yourValue');
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You can use this:

$("#jqChart > canvas:nth-child(2)").attr("attribute_name", "attribute_value");

just replace *attribute_name* and *attribute_value* with whatever you need.

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Try this

$("#jqChart>canvas:eq(1)").css("top", "1px");


$("#jqChart>canvas").eq(1).css("top", "1px");

Note that in eq(n), n is zero-based. An alternative asolution with nth-child might look like

$("#jqChart>canvas:nth-child(2)").css("top", "1px");
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You can select the second canvas element with the eq method (which returns the element at the specified index, starting from 0, from the matched set of elements):

var canvas = $("#jqChart canvas").eq(1);

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by top attribute. I think you might be referring to the top CSS property, in which case you want the css method:

canvas.css("top", "100px");

If you do actually mean the top attribute, then look at the attr method.

You could alternatively use the :eq selector, but that's slower than the .eq method.

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In jQuery, you can do it with

$('#jqChart > canvas:last').attr('top', 'attr_value');
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