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I just downloaded and installed the new Android SDK. I wanted to create a simple application to test drive it.

The wizard created this code:

package eu.mauriziopz.gps;

import android.os.Bundle;

public class ggps extends Activity {
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

but Eclipse gives me the error

R cannot be resolved

on line



PS: I do have an XML file named main.xml under res/layout/.

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Did you try right click on the project -> Android Tools -> Fix Project Settings? – Sergei Feb 1 '14 at 10:59
Please check your XMl layout file, if any error in xml you can't generate, and the error comes after bulid and clean also. – RDC Feb 20 '14 at 11:47

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It worked for me with Right Click>Android Tools>Fix project properties and some time aftr restarting Eclipse.

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Install all Android SDK Build-tools and remove import android.R in your Activity class. After click Project -> Clean

import android.R;

enter image description here

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For me it was due to using 'private' android drawables:

[2015-11-26 18:59:48 - MyAndroidApp] 
error: Error: Resource is not public. (at 'icon' with value 

The interesting thing is that this errors didn't show up in the Console until I removed the reference to the file using the icons (ugh!).


Now the solution was quite obvious, copying the icons into my project (res/drawable-XXXX/) and switching to local references.


Hope this helps.

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Another way this can occur is if you start a new project from one of the samples. When you later decide to change the package name from to your own domain, you will need to modify several values in the manifest and in individual .java files.

If you're in Eclipse, find the package statement for the .java file and choose QuickFix. There may be several choices there, but the one you want is the one that indicates to "Move '' to package ''. Save the file and it may autobuild or do as others have suggested and try "Project->Clean".

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My R file disappeared and wouldn't generate - the console reported this:

[2010-09-22 16:19:40 - myproject] res\drawable-ldpi\downloadNow.png: Invalid file name: must contain only [a-z0-9_.]

So it turned out that resource names cannot have capital letters - confirm that they are all small letters and contain . and _ only

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I had the same problem. In my case had to do with the layout XML file names. I had some of the file names with uppercase letters in them:

screenQS.xml - didn't work!

screenqs.xml - worked!

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I faced the same problem after putting some graphics in the drawable folder. There was some error and when I tried to clean, the file was not there.

So I carefully checked and found that there was some files with uppercase file names and some files are having the same name but different file extensions. I renamed those files and had a unique name in lowercase for every file. Remember Android cares about the name of the file, not the extension.

Maybe this can help to you or other readers.

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Of the many possible problems that could cause this, this is what fixed it for me.

Right click on project -> properties -> Java Build path-> source.

Then add the gen and src folders. For some reason, Android wanted me to only have the overall folder.

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Make sure if you're looking for R.drawable.* that the file exists in your drawable* folders.

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I had tried all of the above with no prevail. It turned out PhoneGap was causing a conflict with the Android SDK. After uninstalling PhoneGap, the Resources file started regenerating again. Another project, needed PhoneGap so I re-installed, and once again, the Android project (a different project) stopped auto-generating the R file - Build Automatically was checked, did the Clean, and restarted Eclipse - no dice. I removed PhoneGap and it was working once again. This was PhoneGap v 1.5 with the MDS 1.1 plugin for Eclipse.

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Project clean after Eclipse restart. They are auto generated, otherwise you are XML inner any component (like button) after Ctrl + Shift + O. It autogenerated the R file and then the error was solved.

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One shoudn't try to import android.R. Try to fix all errors that appear in XML files, including the manifest file. When all errors are cleared, will reappear.

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In my case I was trying to convert my project into Maven. After while(and thousands of random errors which were saying NOTHING) I tried to undo all of operations. What I didn't notice .project file was changed and it wasn't visible inside Eclipse.

Only reverting .project file to before-maven version helped me fixing this error.

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For me it was because of wrong java compiler version. Project Properities -> Java Compiler, enable "Enable project specific settings" and choose your "compiler compliance level"

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This worked for me.

I had no 'import android.R' in the brand new project the eclipse wizard created. the default xml layout file was lower case as well.

Problem was eclipse was not generating No amount of cleaning/restarting was having any effect.

I commented the setContentView and getMenuInflator calls and the make succeeded after which Eclipse generated

Once was generated, I was able to uncomment setContentView and getMenuInflator.

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i tried most method above , but not work my case

finally i found out the adb lost

for mac os , go to android sdk directory

type ./adb start-server

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Check that the library projects that you've imported into the app are all open.

And for some reason, if you haven't added anything to the activity, like onCreate(), it won't understand what R is.

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I have got this same problem today. I've tried to perform all sdk update using SDK manager . After finishing and restarting IDE problem has been resolved.

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There are two ways that R will an error

1) Problem with your layout file ie xml file

2) If you update adt then the R problem will occure. - you have to check properties for the project - goto->Properties ->Java Build Path -> Order and Export and check for all the lib .

It will solve the problem.

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first of all look at your gen file if it contains your package name and or no. if it was empty maybe you don't have permission to create new files so exit eclipse than right click, run as administrator and clean your project and everything will be correct.

otherwise you should have an error in your XML file maybe or check the other answers.

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I tried most of the options on this thread (and many others) and nothing worked for me. Finally this one worked so I thought to share it with everyone...

I have multiple versions of Eclipse IDE on my machine (because I also work on non Android related projects). Accidentally I created my Android project using a workspace that was being used by another (non-Android) version of Eclipse. Due to this I guess something weird was going on and my was never getting generated!

To fix this, all I did is created a new workspace and magically started getting generated and everything went smoothly...

So while you are trying all other options, give this one a shot too. And hope it'll work for you...

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This works.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Load eclipse and load the project > Run and Test will work on the fly

Step 3:

Update here if anything is wrong.

Enjoy. Happy coding.

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I followed the advice to install the platform build tools. Then The message

<package>/gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert to a source folder or rename it.

appeared in the console. So I followed the advice and set "gen" as a source folder. This fixed the issue.

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I would say "R can not be resolved" is something too general and can be misleading at times. I also had the same problem many times ago even when I first create a new project (which mean I did not mess with the code yet). Most of the time I just need to update my sdk manager (as some people have mentioned). But in my recent case, I found out that the path to my project file is too long (something like this E:\R&D\ANDROID\ANDROID BASIC\Folder 1\ Folder 2\..... \Folder n\MyProject). The folder names also contain spaces character. I thought it could be the case and indeed it's true, when I created a new project in another folder with shortest path possible, and none of the folders' names containing space character, it worked as normal.

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What worked for me is installing "Android SDK Build-tools". Open the Android SDK Manager and install the Android SDK build-tools. It also helped to update the Andriod Development Platform in Eclipse: Help > check for updates

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Right click on your project and click Refresh Or hit F5

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Import R class with your package name. Do not import android R class.

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reason might not get auto generated is if you have directories like


image name should be in a proper way

Check the Image Name and check the and layout/any.xml and string.xml

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This is a very old thread, I had a new finding today. I have created an activity, I put it in another package(by mistake). In the newly created class, eclipse was not able to resolve R.

I tried all the ways mentioned in many places but I failed to notice that I put it in a different package. After struggling for few minutes I noticed that I put it in wrong package.

If you are not keeping your Activity in the activity package, you will get this error.

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If you work with eclipse: Sometimes eclipse supresses the error messages in the ressource files. Solution: Save a temporary ressource that has no errors in the layout folder. Build the project new. Then eclipse shows the correct error in the ressource file. Delete the temporary ressource.

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