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I have configured slugs for all my posts and I need the Router that will do the links like:

/controller/post_slug_name and I need this for all the controllers, but when I go with:

Router::connect('/admin', array('admin' => true, 'controller' => 'settings', 'action' => 'dashboard'));
Router::connect('/:controller/:slug', array('action' => 'index'), array('pass' => array('slug')));

The admin panel is not working. How can I make it like this, simple, and with admin panel working? Thanks

EDIT: With those tree routers is working as I would like, except that in the control panel I am getting even the index actions in the urls and not cool

Router::connect('/admin', array('admin' => true, 'controller' => 'settings', 'action' => 'dashboard'));
Router::connect('/admin/:controller/:action/*', array('admin' => true));
Router::connect('/:controller/:slug', array('action' => 'index'), array('pass' => array('slug')));
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What does the admin route have to do with the slug route? – JD Isaacks Jan 13 '12 at 15:55

I have not tried this so I am not sure it works, but please try the following...

Router::connect('/:controller/:slug', array('action' => 'view:slug'));

You view function also needs to accept $slug as paramenter:

function view($slug){

If the above does not work, you could try this as well:

Router::connect('/:controller/*',array('action' => 'view'));  

Once again, I have not tried any of these codes and dont know if any works, just putting ideas outthere. When I get home I will them.


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The first Router does not work for both admin panel and frontend. The second one works only for the frontend and giving error Error: AdminController could not be found. when trying to go to the admin panel, just like the first code in my question. – user1018809 Jan 14 '12 at 8:36

try connecting /admin/* instead of just /admin

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like this, no matter what the controller is, i am getting the 'controller' => 'settings', 'action' => 'dashboard' – user1018809 Jan 15 '12 at 13:43
I use the '/admin' route as well and it works for me, what exactly does it render when you access /admin url does it report a warning, anything in the log?! – ptica Jan 20 '12 at 21:27

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