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Is there a way to find the pages a Facebook user has created? I don't want to use the manage_pages permission since I don't want to modify them, but just to create a link to those pages.

Thank you

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There is not.

Also, the manage_pages permission doesn't do that. It will return you the pages the user administers (i.e. is an admin of), not the ones he created.

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I don't think there is any way to do this in a single call.

Using a call like: $pages = $facebook->api('/me/accounts');

Will get you a list of all 'accounts' that the active token/user has access to - but wont show which ones they created themselves.

To my knowledge the 'creator' isn't a value returned anywhere in the open graph for a page - if you check the reference for pages in general:


You'll see only references to users and admins.

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