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Say I have the following code:


And I want to make it


I would like to put the cursor in normal mode at the end of line 1, so on the ' > ' and have a command to delete all spaces until the next character. The closest I can think of is the motion


which deletes everything until Hello but the issue is that it deletes also the character under the cursor (the ' > ') so I end up with


How would you do that?

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Before voting to close, please read this: Vim Questions: SO or SU – Lieven Keersmaekers Jan 13 '12 at 12:43
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One way when you won't need to repeat this action many times.



J           # Join current line with next one but substitute end of line with a space.
x           # Remove the space.
Jx          # Repeat same process for last line.
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There's a tag text-object in vim:

  • put cursor within tag, press vat to select entire tag
  • press :, it becomes :'<,'>
  • type j, it becomes :'<,'>j
  • press Enter to join lines

:help v_at

at          "a tag block", select [count] tag blocks, from the
            [count]'th unmatched "<aaa>" backwards to the matching
            "</aaa>", including the "<aaa>" and "</aaa>".
            See |tag-blocks| about the details.
            When used in Visual mode it is made characterwise.
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vatJ would get you the same results. – Kambus Jan 13 '12 at 14:08
This doesn't actually answer the question because of the spaces added by :join. – Randy Morris Jan 13 '12 at 14:28

When standing anywhere in the second line (the one that says Hello), press the following keys: ^d0vatgJ. Simply explained:

  1. ^ will go to the first non-whitespace character, H
  2. d0 will delete to the beginning of the line
  3. vat will select the entire tag
  4. gJ will join all the lines without inserting spaces

If you start on the H, you can skip the ^ part.

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