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Does anyone know if I can use Hyperic HQ 4.6 supports ActiveMQ 5.5? I am trying to establish connection between them. I installed Hyperic HQ agent to a server that has ActiveMQ broker and I enabled useJmx on the broker.

But in Hyperic HQ server I can't find ActiveMQ process to monitor. I can see plenty of other services on that particular machine which I can monitor, but not ActiveMQ. How can I fix it?

UPDATE: Ok, I found a JIRA ticket https://jira.hyperic.com/browse/HHQ-4380 and I added 5.5 section to configuration file. Now autodiscovery works fine, but I don't see any statistics about queues and topics. I see information about activemq process in general: CPU usage, memory usage etc. Is it possible to add metrics about queues and topics?

UPDATE 2 Here is an article of how to make visible some ActiveMQ information - http://forums.hyperic.com/jiveforums/thread.jspa?messageID=69458&tstart=0 After uncommenting required lines I started too see infromation about resources: ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Topic.topic/eventsTopic, ActiveMQ.Advisory.Topic, topic/eventsTopic. But there is no my queues in the list. Help!

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The functionality that you are after needs to be defined within an HQ plugin. FuseSource provide a commercially supported version of HQ as part of their subscriptions called Fuse HQ that has ActiveMQ plugins provided out of the box (along with the other products that are part of their offering: Camel, ServiceMix and CXF). With it you can monitor individual queues, topics, connectors as well as whole brokers.

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