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I have a set of objects grouped with Raphael.set(). What I want to do is to move the whole set (change x and y coordinates) from one place to another. How I can move the whole set as a single object? What I found already is that when an .attr({X: newX, Y: newY}) is called every element from the set will be positioned on this coordinated which will result in piling all the elements in one place.

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Use transform('Tx,y') as translate is deprecated. For example:

var paper = Raphael('stage', 300, 300);
var set = paper.set();
set.push(paper.rect(0, 0, 100, 100));
set.push(paper.text(50, 50, "Foo"));

Note that there are two types of translation:

  • 'T100,50' will move the set 100px to the right and 50 down using the global axis.
  • 't100,50' will do the same but using the set's local axis (ie. it depends on which way the set has been rotated).
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This is what i'm using to reposition a set, in my case is a set of fonts returned by Paper.print() but i think it should work with any kind of set.

var glyphs = paper.print(0, 0, text, paper.getFont(font, 800), fontSize).hide();
glyphs.transform('...T' + [posx, posy] + 'R' + [angle, posx, posy]).show();

hope it helps.

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Use .translate(x, y), example:

var paper = Raphael('stage', 300, 300);
var set = paper.set();
set.push(paper.path("M 0 70 L 100 70"));
set.translate(100, 100);

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if you want it to be a bit more graphic, this may help – limoragni Jan 25 '12 at 4:42
translate is being deprecated, use transform (see my answer below) – Rrrrrrrrrk Mar 21 '13 at 4:52

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