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Good afternoon,
I am having an issue with wordpress. I access to and the .htaccess redirects it to
Then i get the wordpress 404 page. I made a die(print_r($_GET)) and it writes

Array ( [pagename] => page123 )

My question is : if I access directly to wordpress?pagename=page123 it works, why this is not working properly?
Do I have to edit some of the wordpress php files?

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Is registered in your dns, or does your dns know how to handle this? – Toby Allen Jan 13 '12 at 13:19
Can you paste the .htaccess code you're using? - it's hard to tell with the information provided – cloakedninjas Jan 16 '12 at 17:02

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This only can be related with 3 root causes:

  • your .htaccess file
  • wordpress plugin that is rewriting the get variable based on the subdomain
  • a rewrite directive of you host company (RewriteOptions Inherit), or another apache directive that is taking control

You need to specify if this print_r($_GET) is on the theme, or on wordpress index.php(accurate since its the starting point) and check your .htaccess (it can be inherited)

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I have solved this issue. After spending some time searching for an answer for this matter, i have noticed that the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] was sligtly different than what it was supposed to be (instead of /devl2t/index.php/?pagename=teste was only /devl2t). So the resolution was to manually edit the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on the index.php

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