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I have a code with possible floating point overflows which cannot be managed by checking arguments of functions. I have to define _matherr and throw an exception from inside it in order to give a chance to caller to manage the problem.

There is something strange: in Debug build, _matherr is called as supposed, but not in Release. I use CodeGear C++ Builder 2007. Under MSVC 2010 the handler works fine, but I need VCL features for the whole application. Googling gives nothing but messages about _matherr not working in DLL (that is known from documentation).

And my question is: what could be the reason for _matherr to not work in Release?

// One of the methods with overflows.
double DoubleExponential::F(double x) const
        double y=pow(fabs(x),a);
        return 0.5 + sign(x)*G(y,1/a)/(2*G(1/a));
        return 0.5;

// Exception.
struct PowExpOverflow {};

int _matherr (struct _exception *a){
    Application->MessageBox("Inside custom _matherr", "", MB_OK);
    if (a->type == OVERFLOW)
        if (!strcmp(a->name,"pow") ||
            !strcmp(a->name,"powl") ||
            !strcmp(a->name,"exp") ||
            throw PowExpOverflow();
    return 0;
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I find this a little odd. I thought all the Embarcadero tools used a control word that did not mask FP exceptions. And then they have an SEH handler that converts FP exceptions to EMathError exceptions. I always assumed C++ Builder did things the same way as Delphi does. Is that not the case? – David Heffernan Jan 13 '12 at 13:09
@DavidHeffernan Seems not. At least, catching EMathError or ... does not prevent the standard "pow: OVERFLOW error" messagebox from appearing (__trying and __excepting do not help too). Documentation on _matherr do not mention EMathError at all, _matherr works as expected in debug (and under MSVC), that is why I think _matherr should be used. – Andrey Rogozhnikov Jan 13 '12 at 16:37
Well, I wouldn't regard what MSVC does as having much bearing on what C++ Builder does. What 8087 control word is in use in your app? Does it differ in debug and release build? – David Heffernan Jan 13 '12 at 17:01
Get8087CW returns 0x1372 in both cases though I have no idea of exact documentation on the bits. The only link I found interprets them as [cweAllowDenormals, cweAllowUnderflow, cweAllowInexactPrecision], icAffine, pcExtended, rcNearestOrEven and with less limited words $133F and $027f my program still generates error messages on overflows. – Andrey Rogozhnikov Jan 13 '12 at 17:55
Have you tried switching between the dynamic RTL and the static RTL? (under linker options) – David Dean Jan 14 '12 at 20:15
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The problem is due to bug in the dynamic RTL which I use in the release build (description). The bug was not fixed in the version of IDE I use, so the only working solution is to upgrade to a higher version. Nevertheless, having a clear explanation helps a lot.

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