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I have the following function that I wrote

 function range_gen($num1,$num2){

    $exp = explode('.',$num1);

    $accuracy = strlen($exp[1]);

    $dp = array(

    foreach ($dp as $key=>$acc)
      if ($accuracy ==$key){
        $step = $acc;

      foreach (range($num1, $num2 ,$step) as $number) {
          $ans.= "\"".$number."\",";
        echo trim($ans,",");

If I give it two values eg 20.49 and 20.51 then the result is 20.49,20.5,20.51

How can I get the 20.5 to be 20.50?

Thanks Rob

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Oh, my, we need a reference question for this. Floating point numbers are not exact, especially not if the denominator of the number you want to express is not a power of 2. But that's not your biggest problem: The rationale of the function is flawed. What should it output for the inputs (0, 0.23)? What for (0.000000001, 0.000000004) (it currently crashes spectacularly), (-2e-18, -3e-18), or (1/3, 2/3)? –  phihag Jan 13 '12 at 13:16
How would you write it? I know its crude but for my purpose this works. –  Rob Jan 13 '12 at 18:56

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You don't "get" 20.5 because php will automatically truncate trailing decimal 0's. But, when you print the number with echo, you can format it:

echo number_format($number, 2);

In your loop, this could be done like this:

You can have something like this:

foreach (range($num1, $num2 ,$step) as $number) {
      $ans.= "\"".number_format($number,2)."\",";
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This is the domain of the PHP number_format() DOCs function.

echo number_format($number, 2);

Example using your loop code:

foreach (range($num1, $num2 ,$step) as $number) {
    $ans .= '"' . number_format($number,2) . '",';


Another option is to use sprintf() DOCs:

echo sprintf("%.2f", $number);

Example using your loop code:

foreach (range($num1, $num2 ,$step) as $number) {
    $ans .= '"' . sprintf("%.2f", $number) . '",';

How I would do it

foreach (range($num1, $num2 ,$step) as $number) {
    $ans[] = number_format($number,2);
$ans = '"' . implode('", "', $ans) . '"';
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You should take look at the sprintf() function.

$formatted = sprintf('%.2f', 2.5);

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try this:

string number_format ( float $number , int $decimals = 0 )
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Use sprintf function like this:

$str = sprintf("%.2f", $x);


string(5) "20.50"

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