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I've this code

            Expression expRefr = new ExpressionBuilder();
            expRefr = expRefr.and(new ExpressionBuilder().get("refrCd").equal(referenza));
            expRefr = expRefr.and(new ExpressionBuilder().get("enteCd").equal(pEnteCd));
            expRefr = expRefr.and(new ExpressionBuilder().get("dpCdTipo").equal("V"));

            final ReportQuery refrQuery = 
                new ReportQuery(BoEnteRefrPrmz.class, expRefr);

i need to add a dpDtFineVald>= TRUNC(sysdate) clause to the WHERE condition, what should i do? Something like

expRefr = 
   expRefr.and(new ExpressionBuilder().get("dpDtFineVald").greaterThanEqual(//What should i put here?);
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I have no idea about toplink or Expression. I just tried this with what I got from Google. Please check.

String format = "MM/dd/yyyy";

expRefr = expRefr.and(new ExpressionBuilder().get("dpDtFineVald").truncateDate(format).greaterThanEqual(new ExpressionBuilder().currentDate().truncateDate(format));
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What worked was expRefr = expRefr.and(new ExpressionBuilder().get("dpDtFineVald").greaterThanEqual(new ExpressionBuilder().literal("SYSDATE").getFunction("TRUNC"))); But you helped me going in the right direction! –  Nicola Peluchetti Jan 13 '12 at 14:05
glad, it helped somewhat :) –  Vaandu Jan 13 '12 at 14:06

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