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We have setup a loadbalancer to balance 2 servers. The config looks like this:

maxconn 40960
user haproxy
group haproxy

log global
option dontlognull
retries 3
timeout client 10s
timeout server 10s
timeout connect 4s
maxconn 40960

listen webpool lbIP:80
mode http
cookie SERVERID insert indirect
balance roundrobin
server slave1 slave1IP:80 cookie A check port 8981
server slave2 slave2IP:80 cookie B check port 8982

The servers slave1 and slave2 needs digest authentication. When the client sends a request the first request is balanced to slave1. This returns a 401: Unauthorized. The second request is balanced to slave2 and will succeed, it returns a 200: OK. The problem is that the authentication always happens on slave1 and the the response always came from slave2. I want both requests(authentication and returning data) into one connection/slave.

Is it possible to configure this in HAproxy?

Thanks John

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