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I have this code which calculates the sum of “letter numbers” in a string?. But it gives output like this int(64). 64 is the total of T(20), E(2), S(19), T(20)--> 20+5+19+20=64.

But i want only number as output. 64 instead of int(64) Here is the code

$data = "test";
$testResult = array_values(array_merge(array_fill_keys(range('A','Z'),
$wordCount = 0;
foreach($testResult as $letterValue => $letterCount) {
$wordCount += ++$letterValue * $letterCount;


echo $wordcount won't give an output. It shows nothing.


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int(64) is a number... Do you want a string? just parse it! –  Gabriel Gartz Jan 13 '12 at 13:46

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int(64) is a feature of var_dump() DOCs. Just echo the variable and you should get normal numerical output.

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echo $wordCount;

instead of

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var_dump gives you all information about a variable the (int) lets you know it is an integer, if you just echo it out you won't see the (int).

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PHP function var_dump() displays structured information the variable and its type in addition to its value. You simply need to echo or print() the variable.

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You need to use echo instead of var_dump. Var_dump gives you additional information about the variable. If $wordCount was an array instead of an int, it will display Array(size){values...}

read the manual of vardump here

i hope this will solve your problem. greets, stefan

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