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I cant change my web root in apache, for some reason it points to /Sites/folder1/folder2 instead of it pointing to /Sites. I configured and change my apache <Directory "/Users/saad/Sites"> and DocumentRoot /Users/saad/Sites restarted my apachectl and still nothing.

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if you haven't already done so try putting an index.html file in the document root –  T I Jan 13 '12 at 13:53
this question isn't related to programming and would be better asked over at Super User –  Michael Dautermann Jan 13 '12 at 13:54
@TomIngram I added the index.html restarted apache, nothing changed. –  saadlulu Jan 13 '12 at 13:56

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I just meet this problem, too. I need to change the DocumentRoot and point it to my customised directory, which used for saving image files.

Berkay is right, you need edit a bit on your apache httpd.config file, but except that, you need to do one more change, otherwise the WebSharing won't be able to turn on again.

  1. Open your httpd.config by your favorite editor (Probably need to do this if you havn't change the permission access to this file)

    • sudo chmod 666 httpd.conf
    • Open httpd.config, and start editing.
    • sudo chmod 644 httpd.conf, when it's finished, proceed to step 2 (change it back to original permisson access)
  2. Find DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents", and change it to DocumentRoot "/Users/leiwang/Sites" or any other folders you want to.

  3. One important thing is, you need to give the Read/Write permission to the folder you specified.

    • sudo chmod -R 747 foldername

Hope it helps:)

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edit needed - chomd should be chmod –  sadmicrowave Oct 11 '13 at 13:25

there is a documentroot property in the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf on osx. so we can easily change the path like this;

DocumentRoot "{YOUR_ROOT_PATH}"

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I came across the similar question as you,the httpd.conf under /private/etc/apache2/ defines the DocumentRoot as /Library/Webserver/Documents. But that directory does'nt work!

Instead,the documentroot which actually works is /usr/htdocs! Weird!

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I went to /etc/apache/users/saad.conf and added the virtual host in this form "www.x.dev" to the top of my virtual hosts list. this temporarily fixed the problem. hope this helps

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I ran into this problem: Once you change the root of web server to somewhere other than the default (/Library/WebServer/Documents), you need setup virtual host, otherwise, localhost will not work, and you will get:
403 Forbidden error
You can refer to this link for details on how to set it up:

Also make sure the following line is in the configuration file for the web directory if your Max is running OS X 10.10:
Require all granted

For your reference, I just remind you if this ever happens to you.

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