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This may seem to be a very simple question for a number of Excel users out there. Yes, I admit I am ignorant about this.

The question is quite simple.

How do I prevent manual re-sizing of a cell in Excel? In other words the user should not be able to change either the width or height of a cell / range of cells

Is this done through writing VBA code? Or can it be carried out in any other way using standard Excel menu based commands?

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You will need to 'Protect' the sheet

There are two steps:

  1. Make sure the cells are locked
  2. Protect the sheet

In Excel 2010

  • Select the cells you want to prevent from being resized.
  • Click on the Home tab and click to expand the Font section
  • Select the Protection tab and make sure that the Locked box is ticked
  • Click on the Review tab and then Protect sheet
  • Click on the OK button
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You can lock the spreadsheet. That would prevent the user from resizing the Columns or the Rows.

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