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I have Flash application that publish with this settings Action Script 2.0 and Flash Player6 but I have ExternalInterface.call and I should upgrade Flash Player setting to Flash Player8 but when I change it Then export the application it have some compilation errors

Scene=Scene 1, layer=Action Layer, frame=1, Line 18 ')' or ',' expected
iconClicked ("drag piece " add whichPiece);

Scene=Scene 1, layer=Layer 16, frame=22, Line 10    ')' or ',' expected
_root.gotoAndPlay("puzzle" add puzznumber);

P.S I do not write the Action Scripts, I just want to expand some features that need ExternalInterface.call

Thank you.

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If this is the only type of issues you have just follow compiles messages and fix the code by changing of add to +

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I change add to + and all errors gone....but it still doesn't work correctly !Is there any thing that I should change when change publish setting? –  pooya Jan 13 '12 at 18:46

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