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I have a web application that wants you to set a time zone and a geographical location (country) for yourself. I want to provide the user with a guess without using a remote API call, as my system might not have access to the Internet.

I have found a JS snippet that proposes a reasonable timezone guess based on time and dst settings from the user's browser. I would like to have a basic guessing system (say, a small IP -> country database) that can work offline.

¿Any ideas? Thanks!

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I think the phrase "client side geolocation" may help you during some Googling. See http://html5demos.com/geo for an HTML5 demo which is done by the browser. I'm pretty sure solutions such as Need a client side API for determing geo location of IP addresses would require either server communications or a large downloading of the geolocation database to the client.

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Great, that second link looks good. –  GomoX Jan 13 '12 at 15:54

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