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I have table in MySQL where the data are strored like :

| WCON  |  A    |
| KROGR |  B    |
|       |  C    |
| HALL  |  D    |
| OZARK |  E    |
|       |  F    |
| MAR   |  G    |
| KROGR |  H    |
| MAR   |  I    |

there are some field with empty value in field_0.

my code runs in php. there is a dropdown menu where all the field names are put manually and the values in the menu are " all | WCON | KROGR | HALL | OZARK |MAR ". From the dropdown menu if "MAR" is selected it will show G and I, but when "all" is selected it need to show all values of field_1.

My code is like that

$field_value = "MAR";
$query = "select field_1 from table_1 where field_0 = '$field_value ' ";

but how can i select all values using the $field_value variable ??

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Not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly your query will give you all values in field_1 e.g. in your example G and I – RMcLeod Jan 13 '12 at 15:14
Is that your real code or did you retype it here? You miss-spelled field_1 in your query (reads filed_1) – Tom Jan 13 '12 at 15:14
i retyped it here @Tom – fean Jan 13 '12 at 15:19
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Only add the WHERE clause if the $field_value is not 'all'. Also, make sure you sanitize any user input into a query. Even if it comes from a dropdown, if the value is being passed to the page from another page, users could be able to insert bad values there.

$query = "SELECT field_1 FROM table_1";

if ($field_value != "all")
  $query .= " WHERE field_0 = '". mysql_real_escape_string($field_value) ."'";
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add the php variable in the sql like this:

c.startdate, as userid, 

FROM mdl_course c
join mdl_course_categories ct on = c.category

".$whereClause." AND = 5 ".$orderClause."

Notice ".$entityString." , ".$whereClause." and ".$orderClause." are all variables.

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