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I am using Put (>>) to store information that I am obtaining in Mathematica. The problem is that I am putting a several variables. However, if I do the following, it outputs to a file called year rather than my variable.

For example:


This exports to a file named year rather than a file named 64. The documentation notes that expr >> filename is equivalent to expr >> "filename". Is there any way to circumvent this and put to a filename that changes based on the variables? This is similarly reiterated in the documentation file on Operator Input Forms (at the bottom).

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In this case you need to use Put[sortedTally, ToString[year]].

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Fantastic. My sincerest thanks for your generous help! I had seen this but had been hung up on the OutputForm documentation. I found the inability to set a variable very confusing - it seemed abnormal for Mathematica. –  programming_historian Jan 13 '12 at 16:34

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