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I'm trying to do an upsert with ruby driver to mongodb. If the row exist I wish to push new data to and array, else create new document with one item in the array.

When I run it on mongodb it looks like that:

db.events.update( { "_id" : ObjectId("4f0ef9171d41c85a1b000001")}, 
{ $push : { "events" : { "field_a" : 1 , "field_b" : "2"}}}, true)

And it works.

When I run it on ruby it looks like that:

@col_events.update( { "_id" => BSON::ObjectId.from_string("4f0ef9171d41c85a1b000001")}, 
{ :$push => { "events" => { "field_a" => 1 , "field_b" => "2"}}}, :$upsert=>true)

And it doesn't work. I don't get an error but I don't see new rows either.

Will appreciate the help in understanding what am I doing wrong.

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So a couple of issues.

  1. In Ruby, the command should be :upsert=>true. Note that there is not $. The docs for this are here.
  2. You are not running the query with :safe=>true. This means that some exceptions will not fire. So you could be causing an exception on the server, but you are not waiting for the server to acknowledge the write.
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Just adding some code for Gates VP's excellent answer:

require 'rubygems'
require 'mongo'

@col_events = Mongo::Connection.new()['test']['events']

#safemode enabled
  { "_id" => BSON::ObjectId.from_string("4f0ef9171d41c85a1b000001")},
  { "$push" => { "events" => { "field_a" => 1, "field_b" => "2"}}},
  :upsert => true, :safe => true
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