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Suppose I have (A) and (B)

I'd like to be able to share php sessions between the two domains unifying logins in a way that once the user is logged to A is automatically logged into B and vice versa.

Now, the problem I'm facing is that even if I managed to have the browser talk via ajax to an external domain via the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header it won't set cookies (please don't tell me "you can't set/get cookies for another domain, this is not the problem")

here's the flow:

A sends credentials to B

if credentials are OK

-B answers with the SESSID made in order to be consistent with the user credentials (so that it can be generated both ways ie: login from A or login from B), this will be used later to share the session created on B

-At the same time I'd like that B could write cookies for its domain, but so far I wasn't able.

What I need here is very simple, once that the credentials from A are correct i'd like that server B could write his cookie for his domain (B), I can see from the headers that technically it's setting cookies, but the browser isn't really listening. any idea? am I playing in a dangerous zone of incompatibilities between browsers? technically all of this should be pretty vanilla for the recent browsers.


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If and are on the same server, you can implement your own sessions or try to use session_id to set session ID. If they are on different servers, you`ll need to use some sort of replication or create an API to authorize users on third-party domains.

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yes, I'm already using session_id, I just want to understand why B is not setting his cookie (B is called from A and needs to set cookie for domain B) – sathia Jan 13 '12 at 16:40
It does not set session cookie at all or cookie with session id you need? – Timur Jan 13 '12 at 17:32
Origin is A and I want B to set cookie for B, it won't set cookie at all – sathia Jan 13 '12 at 17:48
Did you checked if there is some output before you calling session_start()? Try setting ini_set('display_errors',1) and error_reporting(E_ALL). If no errors appear, than I`ll need some code to see where could be the problem... – Timur Jan 13 '12 at 17:52

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