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I am trying to use validates_timeliness to ensure that SliderImage.start is always before SliderImage.stop:

class SliderImage < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates_datetime :start, :stop
  validates :start, :timeliness => {:before => stop}


But of course stop is not defined yet. How can I accomplish this?

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The stop value must be called on the record object being evaluated. The shorthand version is pass the symbol :stop, and this be assumed to be method on the record which will called at validation time.

Otherwise you can use a lambda like so

lambda {|r| r.stop } 

I would tend to write your validation as

validates_datetime :start
validates_datetime :stop, :after => :start

p.s. I'm the plugin author :)

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A simpler way to use this validation without installing any gem is calling a method to validate:

class Course < ActiveRecord::Base validate :start_date_before_end_date

def start_date_before_end_date if start_date > end_date errors.add(:start_date, "Start date should be before end date") end end

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