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I have created a .pt template as that contains the following snippet

<span class="help-block">

My Problem is that the password_confirm field will not always be rendered by pyramid framework so it displays the error below


NameError: password_confirm

I understand i am suppose to use a tal:condition but everything i am trying is failing. Can someone help me on how i am suppose to go about variables that will not always be rendered in the template.

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<span class="help-block" tal:condition="exists:password_confirm">

should work

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Maybe you can add tal:on-error="nothing" in the span tag. Then, if error occurs, the whole span will not be rendered.

<span class="help-block" tal:on-error="nothing">

You can use something else instead of nothing.

UPDATE: this approach is not generally advisable, but can be useful as simplest in some cases.

UPDATE2: another variant (not checked with Chameleon)

<span class="help-block" tal:condition="password_confirm|nothing">
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that works but i was looking for something along the lines of tal:omit-tag="not:bold – Madawar Jan 14 '12 at 1:08
Not sure how omit-tag could work in this case. It just means, that <span> and </span> will be omitted, but the content will be rendered. – Roman Susi Jan 15 '12 at 15:24

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