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I have a firefox addon, and when I wanted to fix it I see that I can upload a new version. so I accessed addons builder at builder.addons.mozilla.org and write the new code and download it as xpi file. then back to my addon and try to upload the new xpi addon as a new version. but the problem that an error says "UUID doesn't match add-on" !

how can I write UUID in my code to match with my addon.

And how can I remove one of my developed addons ?


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Just got similar issue (an existing addon that's developed without SDK, and then a new version that's build by SDK: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/SDK), and got direct feedback from amo editors.

Replace the id field in package.json with the original id in the existing addon's install.rdf. NOTE: it should be the <em:id> field on top level, instead of the id for Firefox within the <em:targetApplication> part. Then the id in the generated xpi file will agree with the old version.

Do NOT delete the existing versions and create a new addon, as I did. It cause trouble in their review process.

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replacing the ID with the one found in the install.rdf worked excellent. Thanx. –  kieste Jan 15 at 0:01

See https://forums.mozilla.org/addons/viewtopic.php?p=8880 which matches your question almost exactly - there is no good solution. The Add-on Builder will randomly generate a new identifier for each new extension, as far as I know it doesn't allow changing the identifier. You can change the install.rdf file manually in the extension generated by the builder as explained in the forum but that's rather complicated. The alternative is to use the Add-on SDK and to package the extension locally, on your own computer. In addition to the files visible in the builder the Add-on SDK expects a package.json file that stores the extension ID among other things.

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