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I have a sprite and I set its color and then I want to set it back to the old color(Default color) how can I do it

here a simple code

 sprite = [[CCSprite alloc] initWithFile:@"zero.png"];
 sprite.color = ccc3(255, 223, 0);


How to set it back to the default color

sprite.color = ???????

or I have to find out the default color by find that old color RGB code?

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sprite.color = ccWHITE;

And I have to add some text here so SO will accept the answer. :)

ccWHITE is the same as ccc3(255, 255, 255)

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Oh yes it so easy... = =" Thx u very much –  Bancha Rojkittisakul Jan 14 '12 at 15:50

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