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How can I make zen coding support less file in sublime text2?

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Do you have the Zen Coding plugin installed? If so, a simple tab would do the trick. –  Joseph Silber Jan 13 '12 at 18:46
yes, I stalled zen coding. and I can expand html exceptions use "tab"; but no effection for css exceptions. –  Frank Lv Jan 13 '12 at 18:48
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Install latest version of ST 2 (right now, -build 2165), and using package control (version 1.4.1), install the zen coding plugin (rather package). Then the expansion engine works fine.

I am windows user, and it was not working until last version (-build 2139), though MAC users were approving its execution.


Package control

Awesome Software and both plugins too.


Sorry, the answer is not relative, but still let it be here as it is the best alternative till date.

To see what is your expansion key, go to :

$PACKAGES_PATH/ZenCoding/zen-settings.sublime-settings for keys and their default values.

Please give an example how you want to employ LESS using ZC,

like for html, we use:

.container>(.content>.article>.p>lorem)+(aside>h1{Side Bar}+ul>li*4>a{home,about,contact,blog})

My personal opinion will be using ST 2's snippet-expansion.

Never mind, To learn more about how to adapt for LESS, Try this source instead:

Zen Coding Discussion group.

Learn Zen-Coding from its developer ;-P .

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or try the new and improved version of zen coding: github.com/sergeche/emmet-sublime works much better –  Timothy Oct 17 '12 at 11:02
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