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Basically there is a table with names, edit buttons, and a checkbox at the end column that I want to check on with selenium. But I want to make sure I click on the one I created with selenium and that's where my problems begin.

Using the selenium IDE, the names xpath is


The checkbox is


So the text is in column 2 and the box is column 4, and my record would be the 5th one. but I cannot for the life of me get ANY text search to work. Even something basic like

<td>//tr[contains(text(), 'McGowan')]/td[2]</td>

Even if the text matches identically, it gives me the locator not found error. No matter what combination i use to find xpath by text it has never worked, and ive spent quite a few hours reading every combination out there.

We are using the IDE and the RC in html, so no java or any other exporting.

Thank! (My first post!)

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This might be odd, but the coment below the answer, regarding a random click that let to the answer ---> //tr[contains(., 'text')]/td[3]/a <--- was just randomly verified as exactly what I needed.

Good job guys.

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Let me know if this works for you!

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scary thing is, i clicked on a random link on the right side suggestions and found one i never saw before //tr[contains(., 'text')]/td[3]/a and it works perfectly –  manicdan Jan 13 '12 at 20:02

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