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I have a number that is a string with a value of "53 MILLION".

            $number="53 MILLION";

I want this number to be 53,000,000. How would go about doing this? I tried using the number_format function but with no luck.

Thanks in advance!

$number="53 MILLION";

     $number= str_replace($number, "MILLION", "000,000");

    echo $number; //000,000 instead of 53,000,000
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Duplicate:… – anubhava Jan 13 '12 at 19:33
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Building on what Jesus said, a simple function to construct these numbers would be:

function declare_number($number_string){
    $find_replace = array(
        ' HUNDRED'  =>  '00',
        ' THOUSAND' =>  ',000',
        ' MILLION'  =>  ',000,000',
        ' BILLION'  =>  ',000,000,000'
    return str_ireplace(array_keys($find_replace),$find_replace,$number_string);

This would also be able to convert 8 hundred thousand = 800,000 etc.

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Why not just split your string, search for the "MILLION" substring within your array, then exchange it for "000,000", then put it all back together? I suppose you can use spaces for the split.

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Didn't even think of that. Thanks for the quick reply. Just for future reference, if it was like fifty three million, how would you do it then? – Teddy13 Jan 13 '12 at 19:21
It would be a matter of making a matrix of word to recognize. fifty = 50, three = 3. I would make an algorythm that recognized the numbers, then multiplied it by "MILLION" (1,000,000). Format whatever comes out. – Jesus Zamora Jan 13 '12 at 19:27

If you just have million number then use:

$number = str_replace(' million', '000000', $number);
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Dont know PHP but have an algorithm

Algorithm for "53 Million, 2 hundred-thousand, 8 hundred":

Size String Translation Table = [{"Million", 1000000},{"Thousand", 1000}, etc...]
counter = 0
--Scan from top of string to end:
----until comma
------scan integer - "53"
------scan size string - "Million"
------multiply integer by size string translation - "53 * 1000000"
------Add to the main counter - counter += "53000000"

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Depends how example is your question Your real case could be: convert 53 MILLION 39 TOUSEND 334 into 53,039,334 etc.

So the algorithm would be to tokenize a string, wherever a number is available, remember it on stack. Wherever one of THOUSEND, MILLION, etc. is available, multiply what you have on stack and add to number. At the end add what is left without multiplying. Then you have the number.

Convert the number into number-string (53039334) and, going from end, after each 3 digits add coma, and here you have what you need :)

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