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I know which languages the OS is available in from the MSDN documentation but I am looking for a way to retrieve this with code. InputLanguage.InstalledInputLanguages doesn't seem to be available and I can't find its equivalent.

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I am not aware of any API in Windows Phone that returns a list of installed/available languages. I did find out that switching to an unsupported CultureInfo on the current thread Current(UI)Culture throws an exception.

So it is possible to test a couple of cultures (I wouldn't test them all, but you could test for the languages you support) in an ugly way.

That said, I do think you should NOT (be able to) change the language in your program because it will confuse the user. The user will expect to change the language himself.

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Solved this.

public bool isCultureSupported(String culture)
  CultureInfo locale = new CultureInfo(culture);
  if (locale.CompareInfo == null)
    return false;

  return true;

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Welcome on SO, here, it is a good practice to explain why to use your solution and not just how. That will make your answer more valuable and help further reader to have a better understanding of how you do it. I also suggest that you have a look on our FAQ : stackoverflow.com/faq. –  ForceMagic Oct 26 '12 at 5:25
Note: This doesn't work on WP8. Checked with "ka-GE" (Georgian) which ist not supported currently according to MSDN but CompareInfo was not null. –  Heinrich Ulbricht Nov 1 '13 at 11:24

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