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I've created a run of the mill C# Windows Service using the windows service project template. I've been able to install it correctly, and start and stop it without any issues.

However, when I go to my event viewer to see the log of it starting and stopping, I get nothing.

Here's the sample code I'm testing:

public MyService()

        ServiceName = "My Data Service";
        EventLog.Log = "Application";

    protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
        EventLog.WriteEntry("Starting My Data Service");

    protected override void OnStop()
        EventLog.WriteEntry("Ending MyData Service");

Also, my OS is Windows Vista.

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If you want it to log to the default log use

EventLog.WriteEntry("Starting My Data Service", EventLogEntryType.Information);

Of course, you have to ensure that the service is running under an account with sufficient privileges to write to the log and to "run as a service".

Found this example on SO, Best Way to write to the event log

Here's an example where you specify the source too, rather than displaying as .NET Runtime... MSDN Example

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EventLog requires an EventSource created to be able to write.

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