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In the view controller that has a UITabBarItem, i realized that viewDidLoad() method only gets called the first time when the tab bar item is clicked. So I dont know how to bring up the dynamic graphics when it's clicked the 2nd time. Can some guru help me on this? thanks in advance.

Should I conform to some kind of delegates or should i do it within didSelectViewController method on the root controller of all the tab bars? If i do the later one, it just seems to be weird since i think the controller that has the corresponding tab bar item should render itself instead of doing the rendering on root controller..

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You want to put any code that should run every time the view controller appears in viewWillAppear: instead of viewDidLoad. viewDidLoad is designed for code that should run when the view backed by your UIViewController is created (and then possibly re-created after being thrown away during low-memory situations).

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Actually i resolved this by using the parameter passed into the callback didSelectViewController(param).

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