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I have this array of time values:

["00:04:48.563044", "00:05:29.835918", "00:09:38.622569"]

But I need to pass each array item through a parser (in this case, chronic_duration), and then spit it back out in to an array.

So each array item would need to get passed through:


And then put back in an array:

[288.563044, 329.835918, 578.622569]
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Two obvious options; new array, or in-place.

pry(main)> arr = ["00:04:48.563044", "00:05:29.835918", "00:09:38.622569"];
pry(main)> arr.collect! { |s| ChronicDuration.parse s }
=> [288.563044, 329.835918, 578.622569]

To create a new array, leave off the exclamation point ("!") on the collect call:

pry(main)> new_arr = arr.collect { |s| ChronicDuration.parse s }

You might want to map from one to the other:

pry(main)> h = Hash[arr.collect { |s| [s, ChronicDuration.parse(s)] }]
=> {"00:04:48.563044"=>288.563044,

Or switch the keys/values to allow easy sorting; either switching the collect array, or inverting:

pry(main)> h.invert.keys.sort.each_with_index {|k, i| puts "#{i+1}: #{h[k]}"}
1: 00:04:48.563044
2: 00:05:29.835918
3: 00:09:38.622569
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