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Jquery Chained Effects starting prematurely. Possibly need .done /.promise? (def beginner)

I'm currently attempting this scenario: User input essentially determines a series of inserted divs/content. However the user can click a new option at any time and more content is inserted into the same container. My goal is to display the content, and then when the user clicks a new option clear that same container (using possibly "fadeOut or slideUp) and after the animation is complete display the new content.

My problem is that the jquery effects are executing prematurely because the clear container function I'm using already has hidden content so it thinks it's finished (I think). Is there any way to make the callback function execute after all of the previous animations are finished and not just when each one is finished?

if ($("#container-holding-all-changing-content").length > 0)
$('#container-holding-all-changing-content').children().fadeOut(1300, function ()
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One easy way to get a handle on multiple animations like this is to use the jQuery.stop method ( ). Run all your animations on a single element. Every time you want to set up a new hide/show sequence, first call .stop() on that element then attach your animations. Looking at your code, you can probably run all animations on $('#container-holding-all-changing-content'). No need to animate its children since if you fade out that element, its entire block is faded out.

function userAddedElement(){
  var $container = $("#container-holding-all-changing-content");
  $container.slideUp(1300, function(){

One other thing to note is that it's easier to pair complementary animations (slideUp + slideDown or fadeOut + fadeIn). Otherwise you'll need to reset certain CSS properties between the animations.

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This worked perfectly. And the advice was very much appreciated. Thanks Amit. –  user1148604 Jan 13 '12 at 22:40

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