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This expression:

sort words "fire water earth fire"

--- gives this error ---

Couldn't match expected type `[a]'
against inferred type `GHC.Base.String -> [GHC.Base.String]'

Could someone explain to me what is going on here and how to elegantly express sort.words?

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You want this:

sort (words "fire water earth fire")

when you do

sort words "fire water earth fire"

it's actually doing

(sort words) "fire water earth fire"

sort expects a list ([a]), but you're instead giving it words, which is a function takes a string and returns a list of strings (String -> [String]), hence the error message (it can't treat String -> [String] as a list of anything).

You can also do this:

sort $ words "fire water earth fire"

which is equivalent to the first version and might look neater.

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Wow, the answer was right in front of me! Thanks :D – Jonathan Dunlap Jan 13 '12 at 22:30

Function application is associative from the left, so that parses as (sort words) "fire water earth fire". Needless to say, sorting the function words isn't going to work very well! As such, the error message is telling you that sort expects an argument of type [a] (that is, a list) but you've applied it to something of type String -> [String], namely words.

You want either sort (words "fire water earth fire") or, to use the more common idiom, sort $ words "fire water earth fire". The ($) operator is just function application, but it has a very low, right-associative precedence, so it's often used in expressions like this to avoid writing out parentheses.

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