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I have a one-to-many relationship where one Thing :has_many Elements

I'm looking for a way to create a Thing and all its N Elements without doing N+1 queries. I tried:

[loop in Thing model]

But it does a separate insert for each Element.

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This capability is not built in.

One option is to use a transaction, which will not eliminate the multiple INSERTs but will send all of them in one request, which will help with performance some. For example:

ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do
  1000.times { MyModel.create(options) }

To do a true bulk INSERT, though, you'll either have to write and execute a raw query, or use a gem such as activerecord-import (formerly part of ar-extensions). An example from the documentation:

books = []
10.times do |i| 
  books << Book.new(:name => "book #{i}")
Book.import books

I think this may be the best option for you.

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