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I have my general validation messages in application/messages/validation.php and I need a custom message when I'm validating the 'password' field for my User model. This is my initial code:

  ORM::factory('user', Auth::instance()->get_user())->update_user($values);
catch (ORM_Validation_Exception $e)
  $errors = Arr::merge($errors, $e->errors(TRUE));
  if (Arr::get($errors, '_external'))
    $errors = Arr::merge($errors, Arr::get($errors, '_external'));

And I tried: $e->errors(''), $e->errors(), copying application/messages/validation.php to application/messages/user.php, putting 'password' => array('regex' => 'message') inside of those files, I tried mixing many possibilities of all this. I read the source code for the exception class, but I can't understand what's wrong. According to this post, it can be done, but didn't worked for me that way. I appreciate help. Thanks!

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I think there is a bug in ORM_Validation_Exception->generate_errors(). What you are trying to do should be as simple as calling $e->errors('validation'), and messages would come from application/validation/user.php (it appends the ORM model alias).

I haven't reported it yet, but I think this bug report touches on it anyways. Hopefully it gets fixed.

In modules/orm/classes/kohana/orm/validation/exception.php, change line 153 to $errors[$key] = $this->generate_errors($alias, $object, $directory, $translate);

Hope this helps

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If there's a validation function you could try this in APPPATH/messages/validation.php.

return array(
   'password' => 'your password text' // this way it will always be replaced
   'Model_User::password' => 'your custom password message' // And here just for the Model_User
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