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I have 3 insert stored procedures each SP inserts data in 2 different tables

Table 1          Table 2                
idPerson         idProduct             
name             productName            
phoneNumber      productdescription     

SP for table 1 SP for table 2

create procedure test1                create procedure test2
WITH                                  WITH 
EXECUTE as caller                     EXECUTE as caller
AS                                    AS
declare                               declare

@idPerson int,                        @idProduct int,
@name varchar(20),                    @productName varchar(50),
@phone varchar(20)                    @productoDescription varchar(50)

  SET nocount on;                     SET nocount on;
    Begin                             Begin
      insert into table1(                insert into table2(
                idPerson,                          idProduct,
                name,                              productName,
                phone)                             productDescription)
          values(                            values(
                @idPerson,                         @idProduct,
                @name,                             @productName,
                @phone)                            @productDescription)
      end                               end

I need to call stored procedure test 2 from stored procedure test 1 and insert the FK-ID in the table 1

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Simply call test2 from test1 like:

EXEC test2 @newId, @prod, @desc;

Make sure to get @id using:

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will it do the insert of idPerson, name, phone and idProduct in table1 and idProduct, productName and productDescription in table 2? – arturo r Jan 13 '12 at 23:41
@@SCOPE_IDENTITY isn't a thing. Use SCOPE_IDENTITY() – MPaul Jul 21 '14 at 14:38

You could add an OUTPUT parameter to test2, and set it to the new id straight after the INSERT using:


Then in test1, retrieve it like so:

-- Now use @NewId as needed
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Beware that SCOPE_IDENTITY() can't be relied on to return accurate results unless you use MAX_DOP=1 on SQL versions before 2012. (See here: connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/328811) – NomisSilloc May 2 '13 at 15:57

First of all, if table2's idProduct is an identity, you cannot insert it explicitly until you set IDENTITY_INSERT on that table


before the insert.

So one of two, you modify your second stored and call it with only the parameters productName and productDescription and then get the new ID

EXEC test2 'productName', 'productDescription'

or you already have the ID of the product and you don't need to call SCOPE_IDENTITY() and can make the insert on table1 with that ID

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