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I have a client / server setup for Cassandra that works when accessed via Perl. Im trying to redo the process in PHP now. I can't seem to call any functions against my installation without getting a 'TSocket read 0 bytes' exception. Here is a sample that should be pretty straightforward:

$GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] = '/usr/local/src/thrift-0.8.0/lib/php/src';

require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/packages/cassandra/Cassandra.php';
require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/packages/cassandra/cassandra_types.php';
require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/transport/TSocket.php';
require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/protocol/TBinaryProtocol.php';
require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/transport/TFramedTransport.php';
require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/transport/TBufferedTransport.php';

try {
 $socket = new TSocket( '', 9160 );
 $transport = new TBufferedTransport( $socket, 1024, 1024 );
 $protocol = new TBinaryProtocolAccelerated( $transport );
 $client = new cassandra_CassandraClient( $protocol );

 $keyspace = 'some_data';

 $client->set_keyspace( $keyspace );

catch (TException $tx)
   error_log( print_r( $tx, true ));

This is thrift 0.8.0, Cassandra 1.0, PHP 5.3.1.

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Don't use raw thrift, use a library instead:

You will hit a never-ending list of gotcha's like this otherwise.

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