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I'm using jQuery Tools Scrollable to display one video at a time. I have it set to be circular. After a video gets to the end, it fires the below event (FYI: using JW Player here).

onComplete: function() {

    // Setup scrollable API
    var api = jQuery('.home .scrollable').data('scrollable');

    // Pause the current video
    api.onBeforeSeek(function() {
        var paneIndex = this.getIndex();

        // Pause the current JW Player


    // On next/prev event, play video
    api.onSeek(function() {
        var paneIndex = this.getIndex();

        // Play the JW Player if there is one


    // Go to next pane


The problem is that it skips the second video. I guess it has to do with the way Scrollable does the circular scrolling. It clones the first and last items, so when the "next" event occurs, it gets confused with where it is in the loop. So it goes from item 1 to item 3, instead of 1,2,3.

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IMHO, you may want to re-think using jQuery Tools for your project. It's well over a year out of date and incompatible with the latest jQuery as well as many issues with IE 9 & 10. As per the developer, the upcoming version (if it's ever released) is not going to be backward compatible with anything you've written now, so all your current markup will have to be reworked. You might as well look into better written & supported jQuery plugins like Nivo or thousands of others. –  Sparky Jan 13 '12 at 23:57
Your last paragraph sounds correct. There's probably an ugly workaround... like with most projects using jQuery Tools, you need massive amounts of manually written HTML & CSS. jQuery's tagline, "write less, do more" is turned upside down. –  Sparky Jan 14 '12 at 0:02

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