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I have the following JSON in a file list.txt:


How do I add "bross":{"first":"Bob","last":"Ross"} to my file using PHP?

Here's what I have so far:


$user = "bross";
$first = "Bob";
$last = "Ross";

$file = "list.txt";

$json = json_decode(file_get_contents($file));

$json[$user] = array("first" => $first, "last" => $last);

file_put_contents($file, json_encode($json));


Which gives me a Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array on this line:

$json[$user] = array("first" => $first, "last" => $last);

I'm using PHP5.2. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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The clue is in the error message - if you look at the documentation for json_decode note that it can take a second param, which controls whether it returns an array or an object - it defaults to object.

So change your call to

$json = json_decode(file_get_contents($file), true);

And it'll return an associative array and your code should work fine.

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Perfect! Thanks! –  Josiah Jan 14 '12 at 0:00
I hate that json_decode by default returns a class instead of an array. This trips me up every time I use json_decode for the first time in a month. –  Tim Gostony Jan 14 '12 at 0:01
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You need to make the decode function return an array by passing in the true parameter.


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Or just use $json as an object:

$json->$user = array("first" => $first, "last" => $last);

This is how it is returned without the second parameter (as an instance of stdClass).

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Try using second parameter for json_decode function:

$json = json_decode(file_get_contents($file), true);
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This should work for you to get the contents of list.txt file

$headers = array('http'=>array('method'=>'GET','header'=>'Content: type=application/json \r\n'.'$agent \r\n'.'$hash'));


$str = file_get_contents("list.txt",FILE_USE_INCLUDE_PATH,$context);



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$json = json_decode(file_get_contents($file),TRUE);

$json[$user] = array("first" => $first, "last" => $last);

file_put_contents($file, json_encode($json,TRUE));

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