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I would like to change the default database for a login to support software that can access SQL Azure but does not allow easy alteration of a connection string. It appears that SQL Azure defaults to the master database.

I've already considered...

Stored procedures. I can't find a stored procedure that does this (sp_defaultdb is not implemented in SQL Azure as far as I can tell)

Alter Login. ALTER LOGIN does not permit the DEFAULT_DATABASE option

SSMS. SSMS doesn't seem to allow much user control through the interface for SQL Azure.



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Connection String:

Server=tcp:[serverName];Database=myDataBase;User ID=[LoginForDb]@[serverName];Password=myPassword;Trusted_Connection=False;Encrypt=True;

You can change connect default database, when you write 'Database' property at connection string.

SSMS is connect to database box which is option->secont tab at conecct dialog.

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As you already discovered the DEFAULT_DATABASE option is not available in SQL Azure. So if you cannot change the connection string of your application in which you would normally specify the database name, you are stuck to master.

However... is it possible to create an ODBC connection, and configure your application to use ODBC? Using ODBC would allow you to specify a default database.

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Thanks... sounds like I am mostly stuck unless I want to construct a connetion string. I was trying to avoid that, but it sounds like there really is no other way. – Lorin H Jan 18 '12 at 3:43

You have to use use following to be able to change "default" Database

  1. Use "SQL Server Native Client 10.0" or higher instead on using "SQL Server as Driver
  2. Use full user id like UserName@AzureConnnectString

For me it is

More details here

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You can easily change the default database when loging in with SSMS. Click the Options button on the Login Dialog then click on the Connection Properties tab. In the "Connect to database" box enter the name of your database.

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